catHeres a little about me

I have had many years of experience with animals. My childhood was surrounded by different breeds of animals as I grew up on a small holding. It was my responsibility to get up every morning and feed and muck out the pets which needed daily feeds and water and put the pets in their runs, paddocks etc. and then again every evening reverse the routine and bring all back in, put their beds down, feed and water.

Also social time with my pets, this was very important to make time for interaction with them, even the chickens;  playing and walking my dog and riding my pony.

My first job at 16 yrs of age was at Banham Zoo. This was a wonderful experience, I managed the Monkey Section. Horses were the love of my life and I missed them deeply so, after a year and a half I found a job working with horses. First on an Arab Training Yard, involved in flat racing, then a bit later I  became involved in carriage driving; a complete change of direction in the horse world. This was fantastic. I competed all over the county with a team of “Black Section D Cobs”, from 1 to 6 at any one time.

So you can see I have experienced many different breed of animals and certainly all different temperaments and sizes.

groomer_logo_pifI have experience in owning a selection of dogs over the years:

● Labradors
● Jack Russells
● White Alsatians (bred with these)
● Rottweilers ( I did agility with these)
● Bichon Frise (currently own Sid)

I have always had cats in my home too.

I have a great family, 4 lovely children and a partner. All the children have grown up and live away, apart from one. I also have life experiences as a mature person; have worked within the Care Sector as well working with people with learning difficulties, challenging behaviour, Autism etc. and the elderly, Dementia and End of Life Care. So you can see I have a very diverse background.

foodSitting Service

If you’re like most pet lovers, you hate leaving your pampered pet in unfamiliar surroundings. When you go traveling whether it is for business or pleasure. You could arrange for your friends/neighbours to take care of your pet at home, but often they may be away or may be very busy and you don’t like to impose. Debonair Pet Care provides your pet/s the best care and attention, bespoke to their individual needs while you are away, staying in their own safe environment. THEIR HOME. All pets catered for, large or small, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Chickens to Hamsters. Debonair Pet Care truly loves all animals. With me you are assured a reliable, flexible and responsible service.

Your Pets Will:

1. Stay in a secure, familiar, comfortable environment, their home.
2. Follow their customary routine and diet
3. Avoid exposure to illness from other animals
4. Receive loving individual attention,( play, walks, companionship)
5. You can leave your home with peace of mind, knowing that you’ve left your pet/s and your home in good hands
6. Your pet/s will not experience any travel trauma, staying in an unfamiliar home or boarding facility
7. No interruptions, same routine, surroundings, meals, exercise, toys and comfort of their own bed and much much more:


Your House Will Be:

1. Secure 2. Garden and lawn watered 3. Mail collected

Pets are creatures of habit and prefer to stick to their routines and surroundings. Changing things like feeding times, daily walk route, and taking them from their home can create stress and cause illness, behavioural issues or worse, an unhappy pet. As respectful, loving pet owners, DEBONAIR Pet CARE believes that In Home. Pet Sitting is the only alternative for the care of your pet when you are not home.

Home and Pet Sitting:

On the day of your departure you will have met myself and I will have been introduced to your pet/s and accompanied you with your dog/s out on their normal route for a walk. During a stay in your home, I will only leave for a short period of time (no longer than 4 hours) during daylight hours, unless otherwise agreed. Occasionally it may be necessary to pop out after dark, especially during the winter months. This is addition to the time walking the dog/s.

I will take your dog/s for their normal walks and they will sleep in their favourite place along with any cats or other animals at home. If the dogs/s likes the car, he/she could be spoilt rotten and have SPECIAL days out to new places. While house/pet sitting I will undertake light domestic and garden chores to keep your property tidy during your absence and you will come back not knowing I have been living in your home.

I will supply my own bedding, duvet, sheets and towels. Your bed will be remade upon your return. I will keep areas of your home used to a minimum and any equipment used for my domestic needs will be left clean. Perishables left in the fridge will be used or disposed of, ensuring you do not come back to any nasty smells and out of date food. This does not apply if only away a couple of days. As a rule I will purchase bread and milk for your return. Any other provisions required can be prearranged and brought in. On the day of your return, I will leave at the time previously arranged. If there are any delays on your journey home, I will stay unless I hear otherwise, via a phone call, text or email.

Home & Pet Sitting Tariff:

£25.00 per day (24 hr period) A supplement will charged at £2.50 per hour if I cannot leave the premise for a break as stated previously (3-4hr). £20.00 Early Arrival supplement (earlier than 8am) £20.00 Late Departure Supplement (later than 10pm)

Additional Hours:

Other than originally agreed. £2.50 per hour supplement. Mileage chargeable if taking the dog/s out in the car to go walking£0.35p per mile Christmas Day/Boxing Day and New Year’s Day has an extra additional supplement charge of £50.00 (each day) Otherwise all other Bank Holidays normal rates apply.

Extra pets:

Supplement for additional pets in the same house will be charged at £2.50per day.


Dogs, cats, horses and any other small animal grooming at affordable prices by a Grade 3 City & Guilds Professional Trained Dog Groomer. I have trained at Evesham Training Centre, Warwickshire over 7 weeks on an intensive hands on course with paying customers and their beloved dogs. Around 100 dogs I  groomed and bathed, clipped and styled – a fabulous experience. I had several assessments completed in class and written, all achieving passable grades. 3 exams at the finish of course again achieving the passable rates needed.

I have all my grades and certificates to show. I groom to a high standard; keeping my area clean and a fresh grooming procedure each time a dog/cat is groomed. I sterilize my equipment in between each dog/cat visiting. Clean towels used on each pet bathed. Pet Hoodies are used to protect your pet’s ears whilst drying.

DEBONAIR PET CARE aim is to make you and your pet feel comfortable and at ease with the grooming process, for the owner to know that their pet/s are in a safe, secure, comfortable and trusted environment, and to have a hair style that suits you and your pet/s everyday lifestyle.


DEBONAIR PET CARE is happy to deal with all breeds, elderly, adults, fearful and puppies. Puppies can come for special visits to get used to different noises and environments. The first visit would be free and around half an hour, you can stay or choose to leave and pick your puppy up later.

After the first visit, the second visit would be chargeable at £10.00 and perhaps have a bath and blow dry, check their ears, body, feet and clip their claws. If you have a certain requirement that is not listed please feel free to give me a call or email to discuss and find a way to meet your needs.

I will do discount on group grooming if you own 2 or more dogs as I appreciate the cost every 4-6 weeks can work out very expensive for a loving owner. DEBONAIR PET CARE adheres by the Code of Conduct of Pet Industry Federation and British Dog Grooming Association.

I am fully insured (documents are available to be seen).
1. Public Liability Insurance
2. Business Insurance
3. Car Business Insurance
4. DBS (current police check)
5. First Aid

polaroid_1DEBONAIR PET CARE – Price List:

All Prices are dependent on the coat condition and length. Clipping is carried out to Breed Standard, owners choice and decision. Discounts are given to multiple dog households.

Basic Groom Includes:

● Health Check
● Check ears ( hair removed if necessary) eyes, sanity area, paws (trimmed) and claws (trimmed if necessary).
● Brush out coat first (remove knots)
● 2 x shampoos more if necessary.
● Blast drier
● Brush out second time
Full Groom Includes: ● Includes the above and Clipping, Styling (of owner choice).
Nail clipping: No appointment necessary, walk in service. ● £5.00 per visit.
Flea/Ticks: Flea/Tick Shampoo is available if required.
DeMatting of Fur:

I would rather clip the matts off if very bad as de-matting is stressful and can be very painful for the pet. This would be discussed on arrival before any grooming is carried out.

Small Dogs Price Basic Groom – £20.00 Full Groom – £25.00
Medium Dogs Price Basic Groom – £25.00 Full Groom – £30.00
Large Dogs Price Basic Groom – £30.00 Full Groom – £35.00
Cockers and Spaniels £30.00 for whichever basic or full.
Hand Stripping £40.00 per dog (usually takes around 4 hrs per dog).
Giant Breeds Price Basic Groom – £35.00 Full Groom – £40.00

Terms and Conditions:

The Care of your Pet/s:
I will take every care of your pet whilst I am working and grooming (as I would care for my own). I use only natural products and have selected all grooming products and equipment from leading trade suppliers.

Please give 24 hour notice, or you may incur a charge.

De Matting of Fur:
In the event of matted fur resulting in the need to clip tight to the dog skin to enable its removal, the owner should be aware that irritation may occur from the shaving process. The Owner agrees that Debonair Pet Care will not be held liable for any after grooming effects of matt clipping procedures and/or problems uncovered. The Owner agrees to pay all costs for the grooming of the dog including de matting which is an extra cost.

I have full Public Liability Insurance at all times, in the event of damage, accident or loss to your pet or myself. Please ask for more details if required.

Examination of your Pet:
I will examine your pet for any irregular lumps and bumps or infections (ears) during the grooming process. If I find anything I will discuss it with the owner, but it must be stressed that this is not a professional medical examination as would be given by your vet or medical advice and for this your VET must be consulted.

Any pets with Fleas or Ticks will be treated, given a bath using the appropriate shampoo and will be charged an extra £5.00. I will try to let you know this before you return to pick your pet up. I cannot groom pets in my salon area that have FLEAS or TICKS without giving them a flea/tick treatment bath as I do not want any other pets to become infested or my grooming area. I go to great lengths to keep my grooming area clean and free from fleas and ticks. Please let me know if you think or know that your pet has fleas or ticks before visiting so that I can be prepared and add the charge on to the quote, so it is an honest and correct as possible. This would be greatly appreciated.